Electrical Services in Patterson, LA

Your home’s electrical system is an everyday convenience. When there’s a problem, it needs an immediate solution. From flickering lights to tripped breakers, home additions to new installations, Robicheaux Plumbing & Electrical LLC has you covered. Our electricians deliver a full range of electrical services in Patterson, Centerville, Bateman Island, Morgan City, and Saint Mary Parish, LA.

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Electrical Services in Patterson, LA

Electrical Services

  • Fixture wiring: If you have a new overhead lighting fixture or appliance that needs wiring, give us a call. We handle complete fixture wiring to ensure your electrical addition is properly wired into the circuit and that the load is sufficient to support it. We handle wiring jobs for fixtures and appliances big and small.
  • Breaker boxes: Have a double-tapped breaker that needs to be resolved? Need to upgrade from fuses to breakers? Need someone to go through your rat’s nest of wiring and get everything properly labeled? For all your breaker box services, our electricians are ready to help.
  • Shorts: If your lights are flickering or you keep tripping a breaker, there’s likely a short somewhere in your electrical system. We deliver electrical repair in Patterson, LA to locate and resolve the short, restoring the reliability and safety to your home’s electrical system.
  • Service upgrades: Older homes may not have the right electrical capacity to handle the many modern appliances and devices we use today. Let us take your box from 60 or 80 amps to 160 or even 200 amps. We can lift the strain on your system and give it the capacity it needs to support you.
  • New wiring: Need wiring for a new addition to your home? Upgrading from aluminum to copper wiring? Still have an old knob and tube system? We install new wiring for projects of all sizes. Trust that we’ll make sure everything is up to code and installed correctly.
  • Home Generator Installations: Homeowners often deal with power outages in Louisiana. The addition of a permanent generator can provide you the peace of mind you need to weather the storms. Home generators protect your family during extended blackouts, keep your refrigerator items from spoiling, provide power to your sump pump, and help prevent energy fluctuations.

Electrical Services in Patterson

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